Mission statement

We work to make the journey of a disabled child’s education a fulfilling and positive experience. We do this by provision of specialist equipment, computers and software to the children or school and also by funding any extra tuition needs of a child.

As one of the few charities in the UK that specialises in aiding disabled children with their learning, it is essential that we continue to increase our funding in order / so that we may provide the necessary resources asked of us on a daily basis. At present, we are able only to commit to the assistance of a finite number of requests – it is our primary goal to afford to assist ALL those children and concerned parents who want their child to succeed against tremendous odds and we ask kindly for any assistance you may be able to afford us.

In future, we intend to bring the message of the Able Kidz cause to all four corners of the country, in association with local support groups, linking them with other local businesses so that they might carry on a co-operative community support project of their own once the Able Kidz bandwagon rolls on to another town. We are already organising a series of events in association with event group.

Able Kidz – learning for life.

Your Donations make a difference! Please help if you can…

We have teamed up with Just Giving to help us raise extra funds by allow visitors to our website to donate to Able Kidz educational trust online.No cheques, no forms, no mess. Just you, your credit card and the JustGiving secure webserver.If you prefer to be a fundraiser for us, just go to our donation page at JustGiving website and click the raise money button and create your personal fundraisers page.

Whether you want to donate money now (and to continue helping the children and their families we can use every penny you can spare) or become one of our fundraisers, click here for our donations page
Whichever way you want to help, from the children and their families that you will help, thank you.

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