Success Stories

DanielleDanielle: When 12-year-old girl Danielle was failing academically, her mother suspected that her child was dyslexic. The school said she would need to be independently tested by the Institute of Dyslexia but that she would have to bear the cost the £500 cost herself.

Danielle’s mother applied to Able Kidz for the fee, which we granted. As a thank you Danielle offered to help in the Able Kidz office for a day. Danielle is a delightful, kind-hearted girl but when shown tasks she could help us with she would keep saying, “ I’m not stupid, I’m not stupid” clearly frustrated at her condition.

A gruelling assessment process by the educational psychologist officially diagnosed Danielle with dyslexia. Her school where now duty bound to offer her all the help and support that the Educational psychologist considered appropriate.

In the two years hence Danielle’s educational progress has gone from strength to strength and last year she was awarded the school prize for most improved student. This award wasn’t given in anyway to patronise Danielle but rather to recognise her achievement to go from someone almost certainly destined for academic failure to a student now expected to gain at least the 5 GCSE passes she needs to train for the job she has set her heart on, becoming a nurse.


 Jack: Jack is a young lad with autism. His mother saw us fundraising and asked for our help,  she applied for funding for an iPad, with specially developed apps for autistic children.

You can view the thank you note Jacks mother sent us below, here’s a small extract: “Dear Able Kidz, I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for all the work & fundraising that enabled my son Jack to receive his iPad. We are so grateful & I have high hopes that it will help him.”



Nathan: I am writing to thank you for your generosity in giving my son Nathan a slate tablet and accessories that I asked for last year. I am sorry it has taken me such a long time to write to you but the months went by as we were so busy with Nathan’s needs & his recovery.

Nathan is recovering well from his operation but it has taken a lot of physiotherapy and patience, he still isn’t walking far, but we have to work on that. He has had a lot of use from the tablet that you enabled us to purchase and his school have input everything on for me that he uses. He is quite a bright little boy and has even hit the national curriculum which is a fantastic achievement for him.

Daniel: Daniel’s mother wrote to Able Kidz asking for our help meeting the cost of Dyslexia assessment, which we were happy to do. Following the assessment we offered further help with Dyslexia lessons:


Edwards Hall Primary School: A letter thanking Able Kidz for our assistance in providing much needed sensory equipment for the children.